Want to become a driving instructor in Brighton, Hove or surrounding areas in Sussex?

www.driving-instructor.tv provides hours of in-car Parts 2 and 3 training footage and written text to support you in your journey through to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor.

Blaine Walsh has been an ADI trainer for 16 years and has successfully trained hundreds of PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) personally and many hundreds more virtually through his website. Having observed over 700 Part 3 Tests himself, Blaine has immense experience and knowledge of what is needed to pass this notoriously hard test.
You will be able to follow real PDIs through training sessions, mock tests and debriefs as well as training clips showing Blaine giving examples of valuable tools and techniques for each of the Pre Set Tests (PSTs). The video site is added to regularly to keep up with changing advice and recommendations and is a great asset to any PDI, whether self-training or under the umbrella of a larger training organisation.

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