Tom passes taxi test
Are you wanting to become a taxi driver like Tom above who passed with zero faults? Then as well as doing “The Knowledge”, depending on your local council you might also need to pass the DSA Taxi Test. This test lasts for approximately 40 minutes and you need to drive like an experienced driver whilst driving with care for the safety of your passengers and members of the public. It is NOT a normal driving test like a learner, as there are a number of crucial differences to pass the taxi test. If someone says to you, “Yer its really easy to pass” then they are very wrong, as a lot of people fail the test, waste money for no reason.

I offer people wanting to become a taxi driver training to pass the taxi test, I have knowledge of test. If you are looking for a driving instructor to assist you then please ensure they have knowledge of the test as it is nothing like normal learners!!

If you want to discuss your requirements then contact me on 07936 699887.

Below is a video about normal stopping which is something the examiner will ask you to do a couple of times.

Watch the video after Bouziane passed

Watch the video when Peter passed

Author: Antony Wilson